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Halton Brook Children's Centre

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Children's centres provide many different children and family services including activities for parents, parents-to-be, their babies, toddlers, young children and the rest of the family.

They are located within your local community so you don’t have to travel far. Halton Children's Centres have disabled and wheelchair access.

Halton Children’s Centres are sited in local communities and offer services and support for children, young people and their families. Services are provided by a range of different agencies and organisations, including voluntary groups.

Although each Children’s Centre will vary in the services it offers, these will generally include:

Good quality early learning combined with full day care provision for children before they go to school (up to 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, 48 weeks a year)

Child and family health services, including ante-natal services

Parental support, including outreach services – we can come to you

Family support services, including outreach services – we can come to you (some services require referral)

A base for a childminder network

Support for children and parents with special needs, and

Links with Jobcentre Plus to support parents/carers who wish to consider training or employment.

We also offer:

A Community Café offering good-value meals and snacks and somewhere to make and meet friends  (Halton Lodge)

A Soft Play Area with padded play equipment and other physical and creative play resources (Halton Lodge)

A Sensory Room offering stimulation and/or relaxation for children and their parents and carers – including lights, music and padded play equipment  (Halton Lodge & Halton Brook)

Community and training rooms

Counselling rooms

Crèche facilities for parents and carers attending sessions at the Children’s Centre

Please contact the Children’s Centre you are interested in visiting and ask the staff there what facilities are available – they will also be able to tell you about facilities in other Children’s Centres.

You can also talk to your Health Visitor or your child’s school about Halton Children's Centres - they can help you to get in touch with us.

Please contact us for a up to date timetable or to talk to someone about your needs.

Target age: Up to 19

Drop In to find out more.

Speak to a Health visitor about your local childrens centre

Some services eg family support require referral.


Varies but usually 9-5 Mon-Fri but there are additional sessions evenings and weekends.
All months


Most family activities are free or a very small charge.

Please note that these service details have been provided directly from the service provider and therefore the service and its information may not be provided by a local authority. The information provided has not been checked and verified and therefore it is the user's responsibility to take any precautions they feel necessary.


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Parking: Yes

Disabled access: Yes

Creche: Yes

Home based: Yes


Halton Brook Children's Centre
The Ferns


01928 573265

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